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Part of 4dentPRO’s fundamental attitude is that we never give up on any problem. In the knowledge that we can only master the challenges we face, we are happy to be driven by your ambitious goals to achieve top performance. True to the motto “Exploring new approaches together,” we examine and evaluate each requirement individually in close communication to develop solutions that work.

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Exploring new approaches together

Your advantages with 4dentPRO

  • Special applications for aviation technology, forensic science, manual trades, restorations, ear prosthetics and countless other sectors
  • Fast and expert evaluation of your product request with no obligations
  • Free consultation on the product range and possible alternatives
  • Individual product developments in our in-house research & development
  • Products also available in large containers
Because we have all processes under our control

Absolute precision is our standard

Thanks to outstanding flow properties, even the smallest surface structures become visible. Detailed reproduction of surfaces and situations to create a negative is the benchmark for our precision.

In order to support you with your task in the best possible way, achievement of precise results is our top priority. Whether determining surface qualities, detecting the finest traces or analyzing models and molds — 4dentPRO takes your work to a new level with products boasting unique properties.


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Top service for your customized solution is just a phone call away!
We overcome all regulatory hurdles for you, support you if requested in creating your packaging design, and ensuring your goods reach you safely both nationally and internationally. We would also be pleased to organize the collection and delivery of your products and, of course, take care of all necessary transportation documents. See for yourself!

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Because our certification is not enough for us

Definitely the right choice

All products are manufactured and tested according to medical device requirements and directives.

Even if the final product is not always a medical device, product safety is always our top priority! Especially when using products in sensitive areas outside the mouth, e.g. in the production of hoof pads, ensuring product neutrality is particularly important. That’s why we only use tested and approved food colors, for example.

Not only product compatibility, but also its adaptability and suppleness play a significant role in the success of your application, because the use of our silicone in hoof care, restorations in the manual trades, ear prostheses or other special areas, always calls for a high degree of flexibility. Dimensional stability of the impression produced over the storage period is another quality aspect that distinguishes our products.

Because we love unique products

Boundless individuality

Our degree of individuality our products show is determined by your requirements. They are the source from which further developments and creative solutions originate.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a product for a manual, industrial, veterinary or any other special application. We are convinced we can provide you with a made-to-measure solution, because our expert knowledge is extensive, and the range of possibilities for individualization diverse. You haven’t yet discovered your application area on our website? Then talk to us! We look forward to learning from you and to expanding our experience with your special non-dental requirements.