Portfolio expansion for manufacturers

From precision impressions to reliable root post fixation, 4dentPRO offers you a wide range of excellent dental solutions that meet even the most elevated quality demands with ease. With our own research and development team we are also in a position to meet highly complex requirements.

Research product development
Reliable. Purposeful. Certified.

Your advantages with 4dentPRO

  • In-house research and product development
  • Quality testing and product release according to the latest legal requirements
  • Expert support in building your brand
  • Guaranteed long-term product availability
Project execution can also be easy

Just three steps to your finished product!

Project management with 4dentPRO is above all one thing: uncomplicated! Together with you, we strive to create unique, great products. Products that inspire.

In the beginning there is your idea!

It is our reference and basis for in-depth consulting & conception, resulting in a detailed basis for planning your desired end product. A competent team with comprehensive technical expertise and many years of expert experience is at your disposal to realize your special requirements.


Individual approval sample for testing? No problem!

On request, you will receive a sample of your product selection in advance with the agreed specifications for internal testing and evaluation, so we really can be sure to meet your requirements. For 4dentPRO, sampling is an essential precursor for product finalization to meet customer needs.


Lean back, we’ll take care of the rest!

Following extensive evaluation of our samples, you will receive the final product specifications along with all contract documents. Besides fast and uncomplicated product finalization, our team of experts handles all formalities for marketing authorization in close coordination with you and supports you competently in handling your delivery and organizing transportation.


Certified quality management

4dentPRO meets all criteria of the new European Medical Device Regulation

With its successful certification according to the new European Medical Device Directive 2017/745 (MDR), 4dentPRO was one of the first companies in the dental industry to mark a milestone. When it comes into force on May 26, 2021, a uniform set of rules will apply in all EU countries, focusing on the protection of consumers and patients and making medical device manufacturers accountable. As a certified medical device manufacturer of in-house impression materials and their accessories, since August 25, 2020 we have been able to verifiably guarantee you the perfect supply of our first-grade high-tech solutions in compliance with the heightened requirements.
certification medicine products

Service with 4dentPRO,
that easy ...
Tel. 0049 800 3303315

Top service for your customized solution is just a phone call away!
We overcome all regulatory hurdles for you, support you if requested in creating your packaging design, and ensuring your goods reach you safely both nationally and internationally. We would also be pleased to organize the collection and delivery of your products and, of course, take care of all necessary transportation documents. See for yourself!

Bridge Partnership
Dependable partnership

Because continuity means predictable planning and certainty

It’s not always easy to outsource part of your competence and it takes a lot of trust in a reliable partner. 4dentPRO understands the importance of this step for you and is aware of its responsibility. With qualitatively sophisticated products, developed with longstanding expert knowledge, carefully tested and produced with love for precision, we aspire to lay the foundation for gaining your trust in us. Our primary goal is always to establish a long-term partnership.

Goal-oriented action

Because you have to know your goal in order to find the best approach

From our collaboration with multiple companies, we know that the goal is not always clear at the outset or how it will look exactly. Through dialog, we strive to understand what drives and motivates you. Your vision is therefore the foundation on which we want to build something stable.
We give shape to your ideas and develop a joint systematic plan to purposely realize your visions.

Acting decisively