Product line building and marketing for distributors

The development of a new product line or expansion of your existing product line requires management to meet requirements in every phase. With an expert team at your side, 4dentPRO ensures smooth processes and successful optimization of quality, costs and time.

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Diverse products. One system.

Your advantages with 4dentPRO

  • Product solutions matched to your needs.
  • Organization and management of your product packages
  • Handling of worldwide transportation
  • Support in order planning to adhere with delivery deadlines
Project management par excellence

In three steps to your desired product!

Your product is your business card for the outside world. We have understood this and designed our processes for distributors in such a way as to ensure a continuous flow of our high-quality products. You can count on that!

We find the ideal product solution

With 4dentPRO—a product concept based on a pre-existing product portfolio or development of ideas for product improvements based on your specifications is as simple as it is promising. During consulting & conception, together we discover which solution from our wide product range best meets your requirements.


You have the chance to check an individual approval sample in advance

On request, you receive a sample of your product selection in advance, because 4dentPRO wants to be absolutely sure that the agreed specifications have been implemented as you intend and your needs are really met. Product testing and internal evaluation within the scope of sampling form the preliminary stage for product finalization in line with requirements.


Product finalization with optional add-on services

Once you have thoroughly tested your product, 4dentPRO starts the product finalization phase. Our team of experts is happy to support you with optional add-on services for packaging & transportation. This includes close coordination on packaging design, delivery processing or organizing end-to-end transportation, including handling of all marketing authorization formalities.


Our product solutions

Standard or made-to-measure?

Expertise and experience are combined in both approaches. You have the choice between a high-quality offering from our diverse standard portfolio or a 1:1 copy of an existing product.

4dentPRO has a wide range of flexible containers at its disposal. From the standard cartridge to the jumbo cartridge—there is something to suit every requirement. At the customer’s request, our team of experts would also be happy to develop ideas for optimizing existing product lines.

Service with 4dentPRO,
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Top service for your customized solution is just a phone call away!
We overcome all regulatory hurdles for you, support you if requested in creating your packaging design, and ensuring your goods reach you safely both nationally and internationally. We would also be pleased to organize the collection and delivery of your products and, of course, take care of all necessary transportation documents. See for yourself!

Package Design
Packaging design with 4dentPRO

There is always something valuable behind

“Revelation through concealment”: the packaging artist Christo knew that. And because it is such an important matter, we offer you the service of taking care of all work steps and coordination processes with agencies and translation companies, to finalize packaging designs and content. As a customer, you really don’t need to worry about anything anymore, because, in addition to offering a range of standard packaging and testing alternative packaging materials, we also look after storage and administration, as well as the all aspects of organization with printers.
Transportation with 4dentPRO

Because it has to arrive in good shape

It is our aspiration that even the last few meters before receiving the goods is as easy as possible for you.

So we offer you all-round support in organizing national and international transportation. Of course, we also take care of coordinating with forwarding agents and all necessary documents for reliable pick up and safe transportation.

Rest assured that even the most challenging shipment imaginable is no obstacle for 4dentPRO.